Job title: Administration and Finance Manager (Ref. No. IHA/KEHSS/01)

Reports to: Team Leader

1. Aim of the job

The Administration and Finance Manager reports to the Team Leader and is responsible for the management of the project’s procurement, logistics, administration and finance functions.

2. Main Tasks

  • Facilitate the recruitment, selection and hiring process of staff and consultants which includes but it is not limited to, advertising vacant positions, screening CVs, shortlisting and conducting interviews.

  • Arrange orientation of new project staff and facilitating the exit process for terminated/resigned staff.

  • Maintain and update employee personnel files.

  • Maintain and manage all administrative, statutory and legal documents.

  • Perform the control and ensure the integrity of the payment process to suppliers, external consultants.

  • Authorize payments within the threshold defined in the authorization scheme.

  • Backstop the project accountant including review of bank and cash reconciliation, payment vouchers, cash book, and project financial reports.

  • Plan and support the execution of the external and internal audits.

  • Develop the Annual and Monthly Procurement Plan and coordinate the procurement function.

  • Analyse and consolidate requisitions for purchasing in accordance with Donor’s policies and procedures.

  • Ensure procurement transactions have adequate and accurate supporting documentation.

  • Prepare tender documents, obtain quotations, delivery costs and items and negotiate terms and conditions on behalf of the Project.

  • Maintain and update the Fixed Asset register including documentation on assets deployed to staff.

  • Support the Team Leader in maintaining the Internal Control System (ICS) and in monitoring the internal controls.

  • Support the Team Leader in coordinating activities and communication with all project partners and stakeholders

3. Additional Tasks

  • In liaison with the project accountant, ensure preparation of monthly budget and cash-flow projections and advising TL of need for next instalment sufficiently in advance.

  • Support on-boarding staff on company policies and procedures and regularly brief them on any changes to these policies and procedures.

  • Support the maintenance of the project website and management of the project social media tools in consultation with the ICT expert.

  • Organize logistics for visiting Swiss TPH staff members.

  • Supervise the office receptionist.

4. Responsibilities

  • Support the administrative and human resources tasks of the project.

  • Assisting the TL on daily project administrative, finance and logistics management.

  • Support the procurement tasks of the project.

5. Internal Relations

  • Seek and receive guidance from Team Leader and internal auditors as part of the internal control system ICS.

  • Instruct all staff members as needed in procedures and project Administration Manual for Local Offices (AMLO).

  • Interact as needed with Swiss TPH HQ-Project Director, Project administration unit, and Swiss TPH Administration Accountants.

  • Interact with IHA Finance Officer on staff payments

6. External Relations

  • Authorities: KRA, NHIF, NSSF, Nairobi County etc.

  • Oversee the preparation of the external audit and implementing audit recommendations.

  • Banks.

  • External consultants/collaborators

7. Guidelines

  • AMLO and Swiss TPH financial management guidelines.

  • IHA administration and finance management guidelines.

  • Applicable Kenyan laws.

  • KfW financial management and procurement guidelines.

8. Qualification and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Administration, Finance, Accounting or an equivalent relevant Bachelor’s degree.

  • A Master degree in Business Administration, Finance & Accounting or an equivalent postgraduate degree.

  • 5 years' experience in a similar role and particularly in a donor funded health project.

  • Conversant with HR policies, processes and Kenyan labour laws and regulations.

  • Proficiency with MS Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), and financial accounting software.

  • A proven track record of at least 5 years’ successful project management experience in complex, multi-disciplinary development projects.

  • Proven experience in working in diverse cultural settings, with respect and diplomacy.

  • Excellent English and Swahili skills, both written and oral.

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