Job title:  Project Accountant (Ref. No. IHA/KEHSS/02)

Reports to: Team Leader

1. Aim of the job

To ensure all accounting and financial affairs of the project are managed effectively and in a timely manner and ensure authorised, appropriate and efficient use of project resources.

2. Main Tasks

  • Oversee all project financial transactions and ensure required authorizations are obtained.

  • Closely oversee cash handling and accounting according to the Administration

  • Manual for Local Offices (AMLO), including frequent verification of physical cash balance and supporting documentation.

  • Preparation of monthly budget and cash-flow forecast in consultation with the administration and finance manager.

  • Maintain correct, up-to- date books of accounts and ensure adequate, transparent documentation of all financial transactions (all receipts and payments).

  • Prepare, check and book all financial transactions in the accounting software.

  • Prepare monthly bank and cash reconciliation statements and submit on time with required financial reports.

  • Provide the Team Leader, administration and finance manager and key staff with monthly copies of relevant ledgers.

  • Provide up-to- date financial information as requested by TL, or other key staff in Swiss TPH.

  • In consultation with TL, prepare monthly payroll for specific full time project staff and liaise with IHA Finance Officer for payments.

  • Prepare and send monthly accounts and financial reports to Swiss TPH Basel office on time as required.

  • Back-up electronic accounting files at the end of each day for changes made in the accounting software.

  • Print and securely file paper copy of all ledgers, and journals with final approved financial reports (quarterly, annually) along with an electronic version of accounts (CD).

  • Prepare and support as needed internal and external audits.

3. Additional Tasks

  • Explain accounting policies and standard operating procedures as needed to staff, consultants and researchers.

  • Any other duties which may be assigned as required.

4. Responsibilities

  • Ensure timely, accurate, transparent project accounts.

  • Ensure secure, complete, orderly and up-to- date filing/storing of all financial documents, financial reports, back-up paper and electronic copies of accounts (journal, ledgers, accounts chart, etc.).

  • Ensure correct handling and timely payment of taxes, and statutory deductions in fulfilment of all relevant regulation.

  • Ensure all relevant financial management AMLO procedures are adhered to by all staff.

  • Minimize risk of misuse and inefficient use of project resources.

  • Ensure as far as possible unqualified annual audit reports.

5. Internal Relations

  • Instruct all staff members as needed in accounting procedures and AMLO.

  • Seek and receive guidance from Team Leader and administration and finance manager as part of the internal control system (ICS).

  • Interact as needed with Swiss TPH HQ-Project Director, Project administration unit, and Swiss TPH Administration Accountants and IHA Finance Officer

6. External Relations

  • Bank.

  • Interact with external auditors in preparing, and supporting audits and in implementing audit recommendations.

  • Ministries and other relevant authorities: KRA, NHIF, NSSF, Nairobi County etc.

7. Guidelines

  • Project AMLO and Swiss TPH financial management guidelines.

  • IHA administration and financial management guidelines.

  • Applicable Kenyan laws.

  • KfW financial management and procurement regulations.

8. Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Finance or Accounting.

  • CPAK or ACCA qualification.

  • Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field is an advantage.

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as a project accountant, preferably in a donor funded project.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Swahili.

  • Strong analytical and computer skills.

  • Proficiency with MS Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).

  • Previous experience working with accounting software.

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