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Who we are
Our Approach
 Key Practice Areas

Insight Health Advisors Ltd (IHA) is a health systems management firm headquartered in
Kenya, working in various Sub-Saharan African countries. Established in 2008, IHA’s primary
goal is to strengthen health systems to facilitate greater access and use of quality healthcare
services and products for improved health outcomes.


We deploy innovative interventions at the health system level that catalyze change and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a health system in delivering care. Our approach is based on building strong partnerships with both the public and private sectors and with various local and international actors in health.

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IHA leverages its networks and strong working relations with both public and private health
stakeholders in the region to deliver locally owned, timely and cost-effective solutions. Our
approach in developing healthcare solutions is based on:


  • A deep understanding of the healthcare sector in the region along with a strong health systems and health markets focus.

  • A consultative approach that entails deliberate and strategic engagement of relevant actors and stakeholders (both state and non- state) to foster collaboration, partnerships, and ownership.

  • Evidence-based solutions that integrate new knowledge in health system strengthening,
    health market development, and global trends in healthcare delivery and finance.

  • Our solutions are grounded on longstanding sector and market experience in running successful health programs, institutions, and businesses in the region.

  • Health policy, and regulatory reforms

  • Institutional capacity building, including governance, leadership, and management.

  • Healthcare financing (demand-side financing mechanisms such as social health insurance,
    health micro-insurance, vouchers, health savings, private health insurance. Supply side financing such as performance-based financing, service contracting)

  • Health infrastructure, technologies and HMIS

  • Supply chain and health commodities management strengthening

  • Healthcare quality improvement

  • Private sector engagement through public-private dialogue, public-private partnerships, and
    collaborative initiatives in health

  • Health markets assessments, facilitation, and service delivery model structuring. Health investment advisory.